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  • Walk in Cracow [1 DAY TOUR]

    Early morning 6 am Cracow is waking up. Buses and trams are crawling towards the centre. Normally for a weekday, traffic is piling up in the narrow streets of the city. The weather being fine, stop for a while and look up to watch the sunrise. Penetrating the mist and smog, the rays of sunlight are

  • Walk in Warsaw: Royal Route

    Royal Castle Square and Zygmunt's Column This square, from which the streets Krakowskie Przedmieście, Senatorska, Podwale, Piwna,  Świętojańska and Kanonia all start, is the heart of Warsaw's Old Town and one of the most characteristic places in the capital. The oldest monument in the city stands

  • Mówi In-Grid

    Sebastian Łupak: Przepraszam, że tak po ciemku... In-Grid: Nic nie szkodzi. Brakuje nam tylko świec... Uwierz mi, że gdybym wiedział... Ale czy Tomasz Kamel nie będzie zazdrosny o to, że siedzimy tu tak po ciemku? Podczas sobotniego koncertu wyglądało, jakbyście przypadli sobie do gustu? - Tomasz

  • Polish traditions and holidays in Poland

    Easter Easter is a major holiday in Poland that lasts for few days. It's a time when people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter-related festivities begin on Palm Sunday, when faithful bring colorful palms for a mass, and continue all through the Holly Week to end with Wet Monday

  • Tourist routes in Poznań: Churches and cathedrals

    Cathedral of Ostrów Tumski It is one of the oldest Polish churches and the city's oldest historical building. It dates back to the beginning of Polish statehood and the creation of Poznan diocese in 968 when a construction of a 3-nave pre-Romanesque basilica was undertaken by Prince Mieszko I but

  • The best in Poland: Kazimierz Dolny

    missed. Main attractions of Kazimierz Dolny The town's life and activity concentrates in the Market Square (Rynek), the subject of countless pictures and photographs. Crowds of tourists stroll around or sip their drinks in garden cafes, vendors sell souvenirs while artists work on their paintings. The

  • Must see in Cracow: TOP 10 Museums

    National Museum This is the oldest national museum in Poland, bringing together a rich collection of Polish and European works of art, as well as works from outside of Europe. Undoubtedly it has a collection belonging to the most important and interesting people not only in Poland but also in

  • Euro 2012. What to see in Warsaw

    Pictures of Warsaw - panoramas and monuments Best of Warsaw - Old Town monuments Warsaw Old Town - take a stroll down amazing streets and alleys Warsaw center attractions Royal Route in Warsaw - visit the most beautiful monuments Warsaw sightseeing - see the venues around center Warsaw attractions

  • National Parks in Poland: Pieniny [GUIDE]

    Rafting down the Dunajec This is without doubt the number-one attraction of Pieniny. The narrow wooden canoes, roped by five into small platforms and steered by raftsmen in folk costumes, have been carrying tourists for well over a hundred years. The 15km stretch of the Dunajec makes three enormous

  • National Parks in Poland: Tuchola Forest [GUIDE]

    Towns and villages Situated in the southern part of the region, Koronowo is a lovely town of ten thousand along the River Brda. The main square is small but handsome, with a cluster of neoclassical and Art Nouveau houses dominated by a rather modest neoclassical town hall on the west side. Climb

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  • Implanty all in 6

    Dzień dobry, proszę o polecenie kliniki lub gabinetu stomatologicznego, który wykonuje implanty metoda all in 6. Najlepiej małopolska, ale jeżeli znajdzie się jakiś dobry stomatolog, jestem gotowa na dalsze trasy, pozdrawiam!

  • Fraktale in der technischen Analyse - Ein umfassen

    Ich habe gehört, dass Fraktale in der technischen Analyse eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Könnten Sie mir mehr über Fraktale erklären?

  • Reason To Join Spa Treatment In Anna Nagar

    A good spa treatment reduces the level of stress by lowering the heart rate, increasing relaxation and releasing feel-good hormones, reducing depression to a great extent. Look out for Massage Near Me on the internet which gives you the best massage centre for your budget. The spa provides

  • Webseite für die Suche von Mietwohnungen in Deutsc

    Ich werde bald in Deutschland wohnen und suche eine Webseite, die mir bei der Suche nach einer Mietwohnung hilft. Hat jemand Empfehlungen?

  • sprzedam leki pozostałe po ciąży i in vitro,

    Sprzedam leki pozostałe po ciąży i in vitro: Luteina 50- 30 tabletek data wazn. 05.2025 - 10 zł Utroge stan 200mg- 2 całe opakowania (po 15 szt.) + 1 opakowanie 10 szt. - data wazn. 03.2024- 30 zł całość Prolutex 25 mg - 5 ampułek - data wazn. 07.2023 - 25 zł Estrogem 2 mg - 28 tabl. - data wazn.

  • How Should Erectile Problem be Handled in Relation

    ED can be caused by a variety of physical, psychological, and lifestyle issues that might have nothing to do with the relationship itself. However, if it's an ongoing issue, ED can quickly become a huge source of stress in the relationship. The medication Kamagra Australia is really helpful and

  • In line twelve

    Mysleliscie ze rzedowy osmiocylindrowy to byl koniec? Wiec byly dluzsze, dwunastocylindrowe in line, ale se sami poszukajta obrazkow jak nie wierzyta.

  • Leki in vitro

    Sprzedam leki do in vitro 2 opakowania cetrotide 0,25 mg data ważności do 08.2023 Prolutex 25 mg 4 fiolki Cyclogest 400 mg 15 glob. 3 pelne op. Duphaston 10 mg 20 tab 2 pelne op Menopur 1 Gonalf napoczęte op. Całość 200 zł odbiór osobisty w opakowaniu do transportu w Poznaniu kontakt 509699022

  • Żałuję że nie zachowałam się inaczej

    Ostatnio ciągle rozpamiętuje sytuację jakieś z przeszłości gdzie ktoś potraktował mnie slabo a ja nie zareagowałam albo udawałam że jest ok. Sytuację typu jakieś złośliwości ale też grubsze sprawy np.w pracy jakieś niesprawiedliwe czy wręcz obraziliwe potraktowanie mnie. Macie tak czasem? Teraz

  • How to take Mail Backup in Office 365?

    Backing up your email data is essential to maintaining the security and integrity of your business's information. If you are using Office 365, several options are available to help you create backups of your email data. One option is to use the built-in data backup and recovery features provided by