Explore Wrocław - walks and tours

You can visit Wroclaw on foot, by melex, old tram or one of the passenger river ships. Here are a few routes which will allow you to see the most interesting places and the gems of Wroclaw's architecture.


Historical Buildings of Wroclaw

Route 1: Market Square, City Hall, Whipping Post, Salt Square, St. Elisabeth's Church, "Hansel and Gretel" medieval houses, Old Municipal Butcheries, Old Municipal Prison, University of Wroclaw, University Church, Mathematics Tower, Grodzka Street, National Ossolinski Institue (Ossolineum), Baroque Garden, former Convent of Red Star Crusaders, Market Hall from 1906, Sand Island, Holy Virgin Church on Sand, Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski) - the Cathedral and St. Cross Church, Pokoju Bridge (Bridge of Peace) and Old City Promenade.

Wroclaw's Art Deco

Route 2: former Stein & Koslowsky Department Store at 1 Rynek 1 and św. Mikołaja 81; former department store at 12 Rynek; former Barsch Brothers' Department Store at 31-32 Rynek; former Gottstein Department Store at 3-4 Ruska Str.; former Max Goldstein Department Store at 11-12 Ruska Str.; former Wilhelm Kijnast's Department Store and Apartment House at 6-7 Ruska Str.; former Georg Carter's Wholesale Department Store "Victoria" at 26-27 Rzeźnicza Str. and 65-66 Św. Mikołaja Str.; former Schleisinger & Grünbaum Wholesale Department Store at 32-33 Rzeźnicza Str.; former site of Silesian Association of Fatherland Culture at 2 Tamka Str. (at present - Biochemic Institute of Wroclaw University); one of the wings of Martin Schneider's Department Store at 37-38 Podwale Str.; former Modehaus M. Gerstel Department Store at 17-19 Świdnicka Str.


Melex rides in Wroclaw last from 30 minutes up to 2.5 hours. On different routes there are different prices, children up to 5 - free of charge. Reservations can be made by calling +48 509 274141 or on the website www.wroclawtrip.pl

Route 1 (around Old City): Salt Square (Solny Square), Garrison Church, Market Square, University, Market Hall, New Market (Nowy Targ), St. Mary Magdalene Church, Chicken Market (Kurzy Targ), Whipping Post.

Route 2 (track of Gothic churches): Market Square, St. Adalbert's Church, Market Hall, St. Martin's Church, St. Cross Church, the Cathedral, University, St. Matthias' Church, Bishop Nankier's Square, St. Vincent and St. James' Church, New Market, Garrison Church.

Route 3 (Wroclaw upon Oder River, over Wroclaw's bridges): Solny Square, Kazimierz Wielki Str., Dominican Square, Grunwaldzki Bridge, Wyspiański Boulevard, Marina, Zwierzyniecki Bridge, Centennial Hall, Pokoju Bridge, Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski), Tumski Bridge, Piaskowy Bridge, Tamka, University, New Market, "Hansel and Gretel" medieval houses

Touristic Lines

Old trams operate daily on two routes:

Red Route (Teatralny Square -> Centennial Hall/Zoo): Teatralny Square, Świdnicka Str., Podwale Str., Krupnicza Str., Kazimierza Wielkiego Str., Dominikański Square, Społeczny Square, Grunwaldzki Bridge, Grunwaldzki Square, Szczytnicki Bridge, Olympic Stadium, Centennial Hall

Yellow Route (Centennial Hall/Zoo -> Teatralny Square): Centennial Hall, Zwierzyniecki Bridge, Piastowska Str., Sienkiewicza Str., Wyszyńskiego Str., Pokoju Bridge, Społeczny Square, Dominikański Square, Kazimierza Wielkiego Str., Szewska Str., Grodzka Str., Nowy Świat Str., Kazimierza Wielkiego Str., Widok Str., Teatralny Square. Between October and April the trams operate only at weekends. Between May and the end of September they operate daily. Each day there are 7 journeys. Prices: regular return ticket 6 PLN (single 4 PLN), discount return ticket 3 PLN (single 2 PLN)

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