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centennial hall

  • Explore Wrocław - walks and tours

    , New Market, Garrison Church. Route 3 (Wroclaw upon Oder River, over Wroclaw's bridges): Solny Square, Kazimierz Wielki Str., Dominican Square, Grunwaldzki Bridge, Wyspiański Boulevard, Marina, Zwierzyniecki Bridge, Centennial Hall, Pokoju Bridge, Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski), Tumski Bridge

  • Euro 2012. What to see in Wrocław

    Wroclaw pictures - a gallery of beautiful photographs Wroclaw University and other attractions - TOP 15 Wroclaw Market Centennial Hall - don't miss! Wroclaw Panorama Raclawicka - check out this and other monuments Along Wroclaw Odra - the best monuments on the Wrocław riverside Walking trails

  • Must see in Wrocław: TOP 15 places

    ' heads sitting in boxes there is a gallery of oval portraits of rulers and dignitaries of merit for the development of the university. Leopold's Auditorium is also famous for its magnificent acoustic and the most important events of academic life take place there. Centennial Hall It is also called

  • Wrocław: If you have more time...

    Centennial Hall and Szczytnicki Park, in the building which is a part of Four Domes Pavilion. It has been there since it was started in 1954. Originally it had two filming studios, the bigger one of 1000m2 was put to use in 1975. There are also two sound studios, a montage studio and the construction of

  • Walk in Wrocław: Market Square and Świdnicka Street

    Wyspiański, including the one in Centennial Hall. One can also enjoy a variety of aromas as there is a flower market on the square, too. Brama Świdnicka (Świdnicka Gate) During the Middle Ages Wroclaw was a fortress and it was secured by two lines of walls, then Świdnicka Gate was one of the main gates

  • Tourist routes in Wrocław: Along Odra

    Bridge is an important link in the eastern part of the city, connecting the city centre with the districts of Dąbie, Biskupin, Sępolno and Bartoszowice. It is close from there to the Zoo and Centennial Hall. There is also a passenger boat stop Zwierzynieca where you take a tourist boat to sail down Oder