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  • Magical Lower Silesia

    Church of Peace in Świdnica Świdnica, the old capital of the Duchy of Świdnica and Jawor, was a chartered town as early as the mid-13th century. Although it survived a war, Świdnica suffered somewhat from neglect. Now it is regaining its former splendour. The most important monument of modern

  • Explore Wrocław - festivals and major events

    Festivals and events In Wroclaw there are organized lots of artistic events. In February Polish Contemporary Music Festival, in the spring (March/April) - "Port Wroclaw" Literary Festival. In the spring there is also Jazz Upon Oder Festival, organized since 1954. In April there is Review of Drama

  • Walk in Cracow: Market Square and Wawel Castle

    : "Adam Mickiewicz's nation." On August 17, 1940, the monument was destroyed by the Nazis occupying the city. After the war it was reconstructed from parts found in 1946 in a scrap yard in Hamburg. The stone elements are made from Kośmin syenite, quarried in Piława Górna in Lower Silesia. The unveiling of

  • Tourist routes in Wrocław: Along Odra

    they tried to transport a part of the Ossolineum collections to Germany but the transport was abandoned in Lower Silesia. It was found by Poles and they were brought to Wroclaw. After the war Ukrainian government "gave the Polish nation some other pieces of the collection left in Lviv as a gift". The

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  • Little Poland and Lower Silesia.

    kazdy przewodnik po Polsce wydany w USA, podaje Little Poland i Lower Silesia. Czy polacy pisza OberRhineland piszac o Gornej Nadreni? Oczywiscie nie. Lower Silesia i Little Poland jest jak najbardziej prawidlowa wersja anglielskojezychna.