National Parks in Poland: S這wi雟ki Park

S這wi雟ki National Park is famous chiefly for its shifting dunes, which form one of the largest areas of moving sand in Europe. Winds ripple their surface, forming elongated waves, parabolic dykes, mounds, hills and troughs.

The most active dunes move at a speed of up to ten metres a year. You can hike and bike, ride a horse, sail and swim amid fragrant woods and picturesque lakes, while additional attractions are provided by museums, lighthouses, charming little churches, palaces and, on top of that, a modern-day duchy.

The vast, shallow coastal lakes Gardno and Łebsko, former sea bays that were cut off from the Baltic by accumulating sand bars, attract flocks of birds and birdwatchers alike. Pine forests are home to rare animals, while secluded villages cultivate old Slavic traditions. And then of course there is the sea...

Source: Poland - an ilustrated guidebook. For more information look at Pascal

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