baltic sea

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baltic sea

  • Borders

    Poland's neighbors Poland is the heart of Central Europe. The country has 7 neighbors. The border with Lithuania and Russia runs in the north, Belarus and Ukraine in the east, Germany in the west. Southern neighbors of Poland are the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Baltic Sea in the north is a

  • Gdańsk - practical information

    the spring. The weather in Gdańsk is affected by the wind blowing in from the Baltic Sea. In the summer the temperature hovers around 20°C and in the winter around 0 °C. A City for Children After visiting the cathedral in Oliwa for an organ recital, you can head with solace for a walk in the nearby

  • Do it in the Tri-City! Alternative guide - part one

    famous lighthouse, completely destroyed during the war and never rebuilt. Gdańsk's lighthouses differ in almost every respect, mainly as to the date they were built - exactly a century apart. The lighthouse in Nowy Port, one of the most attractive on the Baltic Sea, was completed in 1894, the brick