Walk in Cracow [1 DAY TOUR]

It's impossible to see whole Cracow in one day. But it's possible to fall in love with Cracow in one day! See, what to do in the city when your time is limited.

Early morning

6 am

Cracow is waking up. Buses and trams are crawling towards the centre. Normally for a weekday, traffic is piling up in the narrow streets of the city.

The weather being fine, stop for a while and look up to watch the sunrise. Penetrating the mist and smog, the rays of sunlight are illuminating the outlines of the towers. Slowly the town is coming to life.

8 am

Time for breakfast. Head for the baker's in ul. Mazowiecka to buy some delicious herby rolls or peaches and apples in French pastry, definitely the best for this time of the day.

9 am

If you long for a coffee, find ul. Karmelicka, where Coffeheaven and Friends Coffee are already opened. A coffee and a stack of morning papers are a good match.


Old Market Square is at its nicest. Contributing to this unique atmosphere, every hour on the hour the hejnał tune trickles down lazily from the tower of St. Mary's Church. On any weekday the square attracts throngs of people.

4 pm

People are on their way home, in crammed buses or stuck in traffic jams. Most of the cafes are full at this time of the day, but with a bit of luck you will find a table to have an espresso in an atmospheric setting.

5-6 pm

In early spring, Cracow looks at its most atrractive at this hour, crossing the line between day and night. It is a good time for trying roasted broad beans sold from street booths.

7 pm

Consider a visit to the Prowincja or Club. For New Orleans jazz, drop in the Kornet. If you prefer cinema, go to ul. Lea, where is the atmospheric Mikro with art-house repertoir.

11 pm

The colours of the night range from deep blue in the quiet district of Bronowice and the grey twilight of the Nowa Huta housing estates to an array of hues in the city centre. This part of town seems to never go to sleep. Even after midnight the streets are still full of  people.

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