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  • Cracow. A city of dreams

    picturesque streets and admiring old townhouses, you discover your own city, private and unique. And it is exactly this multitude of emotions evoked by Cracow that makes it so attractive to explore. It is said that a city is noteworthy only if you can get lost in it. And you can definitely be lost here, lost

  • Walk in Cracow [1 DAY TOUR]

    Early morning 6 am Cracow is waking up. Buses and trams are crawling towards the centre. Normally for a weekday, traffic is piling up in the narrow streets of the city. The weather being fine, stop for a while and look up to watch the sunrise. Penetrating the mist and smog, the rays of sunlight are

  • Cracow - practical information

    Time The time in Krakow is GMT +1 in winter, and GMT +2 in the summer months. Climate The climate in Krakow, as well as in Poland, is dependent on the wind. If it blows from the north - it is cooler, and if from the east - in the summer it is dry and hot, and in a dry winter - freezing, if from the

  • Explore Cracow - cruises

    Cruises Two cruise ships, the Piotr Pan and Sobieski, constantly run along the Vistula offering several trips on the river. The first route, lasting 1 hour: Wawel, the Grunwald bridge, the Pauline monastery on the Rock (klasztor Paulinów Na Skałce), the Church of the Redemptorists (kościół

  • The best in Poland: Cracow-Częstochowa Upland

    Ojców National Park Poland's smallest national park (1580 ha) occupies the Prądnik Valley, a stone's throw from Cracow. Fairytale landscapes with fantastic rock formations bearing mythical names, more than 400 caves, gorges, karst springs, unique plants and, last but not least, evocative medieval

  • Explore Cracow - festivals and major events

    Entertainment If you're tired of sightseeing, you can sit in Jama Michalika - one of the oldest cafés in Krakow (at Florianska 45), drink coffee, eat ice cream, and listen to live piano music. Jama Michalika continues its pre-war tradition, when the Zielony Balonik cabaret performed here. Today you

  • Must see in Cracow: TOP 10 Museums

    area of interest are the techniques and technology of photography and a rich collection of cameras, old projectors, transparencies, enlargers and film projectors. Cracow Salt Mine Museum is one of the biggest mining museums in Europe, being one of the 17 museums of the Ministry of Culture and National

  • Cracow: If you have more time...

    400 years old. Cracow Fortress The most famous example of post-Austrian defence construction in Krakow. The Krakow Fortress Development under Kosciuszko mound can be divided into the period of the polygonal and fort system (1815-1885) and the distributed system (1885-1914). When the building

  • Tourist routes in Cracow: Churches and cathedrals

    Wawel Cathedral - Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Stanislaus and Wenceslaus The 11th century gothic Cathedral on Wawel Hill is more than 900 years old. It served as a coronation site of polish monarchs. The construction is cheifly famous for an architectural masterpiece - the Zygmunt Chapel and the

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  • Warsaw or Cracow?

    I spent one week in Warsaw and I will soon go to see Cracow, so I can't compare them. But I would like the people who have been to both (or even better, lived in both) to compare them. What they liked and didn't like in each, mentalities, culture (yeah us aussies luv our kultcha!), etc. It seems

  • Experience Cracow

    To w koncu Cracow czy Krakow? Podobno Krakow ciezko walczy aby nie nazywac go Cracow... GB

  • Dlaczego Cracow a nie Krakow?

    Hej, czy ktos wie dlaczego w angielskim piszemy Cracow a nie Krakow (przez "k")?? W wymowie nie ma zadnej roznicy, skad wiec ta zamiana K na C ?? pozdrawiam

  • Kraków czy Cracow? Urzędnicy sami nie wiedzą

    Zostawić Cracow, bo tak od dawna było w j. angielskim. Anglicy nazywają nasze miasto "Cracow", więc trzeba pisząc po angielsku stosować tę pisownię. Uszanujmy ich język. Jeszcze śmieszniejsi są Wrocławianie, którzy oburzają się, że Niemcy nazywają ich miasto "Breslau"... To ich języki i ich prawo.

  • Cracow Fashion Awards 2010

    Wszystkich zainteresowanych pokazem Cracow Fashion Awards 2010 chciałbym zaprosić do relacji z materiałem wideo dostępnej na łamach nowopowstającego magazynu Relację można znaleźć bezpośrednio pod adresem: Już niebawem zaprezentujemy wybrane kolekcje dyplomowe z pokazu. Odnośnie samego

  • Kraków zapowiada walkę z nazwą "Cracow"

    całkiem ich pogięło...Kraków jest starym miastem i pisownia Cracow ustaliła się zapewne setki lat za poprawną angielszczyzną:)

  • Cracow University of Economics graduate

    A 25 years old Cracow University of Economics graduate, specialising in accounting, securities, finance is seeking proper job. Contact:(0) 885 -123-346 mail:

  • Diabły i anioły The Cracow Klezmer Band

    Cracow Klezmer Band i wiele innych super zespolow na Off Festival w Myslowicach 18-20 Sierpien -

  • CRACOW - looking for foreigners to research

    I`m looking for foreigners who lives in Cracow and would like to jak part in anonymous research for non - govermental organisation. If you are interested in, please let me know: