The best in Poland: the Ostróda-Elbląg Canal

A remarkable engineering achievement, the Ostórda-Elbląg Canal (built 1848-1876) is one of the most scenic waterways in Europe.

The canal is 159 km long, including several side branches (the main way: Ostróda-Elbląg is 80 km). The canal runs partly through woods, at places wahing away high escarpments and man-made embankments. To cope with a 100 m difference of levels, a unique system of slipways and locks was design. The most attractive section is: Małdyty-Elbląg , with 5 slipways where boats are carried across dry land on rail-trolleys. The machinery consist of huge water wheels and an ingenious system of ropes for lifting or lowering the trolleys. Boating across a meadow and splashing into water is an incredible experience.

Info:; seasons runs from 1 may to 30 oct. You can enjoy the entire canal or just a part of it.

Source: Poland - an ilustrated guidebook. For more information look at Pascal

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