Euro 2012. What to see in Poznań

Discover Poznań's many rest areas. If you ever get tired of the noisy center, especially during Euro 2012, find the best place to relax and recharge.

Poznan pictures - relax by the Warta river

Best attractions in Poznan

What to see in Poznan - don't miss!

Poznan center - Market Square

Stroll down St. Martin Street - one of the most popular routes in Poznan

Poznan attractions - visit old Poznan

Poznan tour - places to see in your spare time

Poznan tour - the "fortress and memorials" trail

Poznan architecture - for modernism lovers

Poznan churches and cathedrals trail

Have an active rest in Poznan - see the trails

Walking trails - Poznan on foot

Poznan events - check the calendar

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