warta river

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warta river

  • Old Poznań: Dude, you've simply got to see this!

    the smell of grilled sausages. In the middle of the XIX century the city gasworks were built on Grobla island on the Warta River. For years it smelled of a mixture of sulphides and ammonia as it produced gas from coal. At the beginning coal was brought from England via Szczecin because Poznań didn't

  • Tourist routes in Poznań: Fortress and memorials

    fortification of Poznan, paying special attention to the need of fortifying the Cathedral on the isle of Ostrów Tumski and the Reformed Franciscan Convent on the hill, both on the right bank of Warta river, apart from the left bank fortification. Nevertheless, the construction of the fortress was eventually

  • Poznań: Imagine you're not in the city

    where the park route ends, but you can continue your walk along Ulica Krakowska or Ulica Królowej Jadwigi till you reach the Warta river. Walking along the river, passing by Most Świętego Rocha (St. Roch Bridge) you eventually reach Most Bolesława Chrobrego (Bolesława Chrobrego Bridge). Taking Ulica