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  • Kazimierz Dolny

    Kazimierz Dolny

    Kazimierz Dolny, located on the right bank of the Vistula river, is a town of a population over 3 000. It's one of the most picturesque points in the eastern Poland. If you like folk culture events, festivals, historic buildings, castle ruins and...

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vistula river

  • Explore Warsaw - cruises

    Cruises Water Tram A cruise on the Vistula from the Old Town to the Czerniakowski headland is available from the beginning of May to the end of June at the weekend and everyday during July and August. It lasts 2 hours and has 3 stops - below the Castle at the River Cafe, by Poniatowski Bridge and at

  • Explore Cracow - cruises

    Cruises Two cruise ships, the Piotr Pan and Sobieski, constantly run along the Vistula offering several trips on the river. The first route, lasting 1 hour: Wawel, the Grunwald bridge, the Pauline monastery on the Rock (klasztor Paulinów Na Skałce), the Church of the Redemptorists (kościół

  • Euro 2012. What to see in Warsaw

    . Second World War monuments Vistula river - explore Warsaw riverside Walking trails - Warsaw on foot Warsaw parks - a perfect idea for a day off Warsaw events - check the calendar

  • Cities in Poland: Toruń and around

    Chełmno, a charming old town founded in 1233. It is girdled by a well-preserved ring of walls, more than 2 km long and featuring no fewer than 23 towers. Toruń 13th century Toruń was one of the first towns founded by the Teutonic Knights. The city is situated on the Vistula River, at the meeting point of

  • Walk in Cracow: Market Square and Wawel Castle

    sea level on the Vistula River, in the centre of Krakow, with a range of exceptional historic monuments and artistic works. It was the seat of Polish kings, the necropolis and the place where Polish history developed from the tenth century, although people had already inhabited the hill from 100

  • Cracow: If you have more time...

    painted by the famous Henry Siemiradzki which you can admire during the interval. Tyniec The famous Benedictine abbey is perched on a lofty rock by the Vistula River, 10 km from Krakow. Now located within the administrative borders of the city, it is the oldest existing monastery in Poland. Shortly after

  • Warsaw: If you have more time...

    with voices of great actors like Wiktor Zborowski and Piotr Fronczewski. The "Discovery Park" is the courtyard for the Science Centre and embraces the green terrain right by the Vistula river. It's a place to relax, listen to a concert or visit an outdoor gallery. The various stations with

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  • Vistula River Brass Band

    ;;wB3DVkdtAmk;;;;Vistula River Brass Band - Fitgety Feet -- Right In Two

  • chcesz zrobić niezłą kasę w Vistula-RiverLandzie ?

    chcesz być opluty w Niemczech ? zawieś sobie szyld na szyi z napisem jak poniżej i stań na rynku miasta : ?przeklęte żydy doprowadzają mnie do wściekłości? chcesz zrobić niezłą kasę w Vistula-RiverLand ? zawieś sobie szyld na szyi z napisem jak poniżej i stań na rynku miasta : ?przeklęte żydy