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teutonic castle

  • Polish UNESCO: Teutonic Castle in Malbork

    Teutonic Castle In the late 13th century the Teutonic Knights started to build a castle and an adjacent town on a high Nogat bank. Within less than 30 years a square convent house was completed. When, in 1309, the Grand Master transferred his

  • Cities in Poland: Toruń and around

    sights Teutonic Castle in Golub-Dobrzyń - renowned internationally for popular knights' tournaments, its most striking feature is a wide stairway through which knights once rode up to an undressing room. Mennonite Cemetery in Stogi (near Malbork

  • National Parks in Poland: Tuchola Forest [GUIDE]

    a Baroque cupola. The main reason for visiting Człuchów (15,000 people), on the western edge of the Tuchola Forest, is the striking ruins of a Teutonic castle, which seem to hover above the town. The mighty rectangular fortress, whose ramparts exceed five metres in height