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teutonic castle

  • Polish UNESCO: Teutonic Castle in Malbork

    Teutonic Castle In the late 13th century the Teutonic Knights started to build a castle and an adjacent town on a high Nogat bank. Within less than 30 years a square convent house was completed. When, in 1309, the Grand Master transferred his headquarters from Venice to Malbork, it became the

  • Cities in Poland: Toruń and around

    and decorated with intricate details, were in the past highly prized gifts, often presented to Polish kings and foreign dignitaries. The best place in Toruń to buy gingerbread is the factory shop of Kopernik SA (Żółkiewskiego st, 34). Other sights Teutonic Castle in Golub-Dobrzyń - renowned

  • National Parks in Poland: Tuchola Forest [GUIDE]

    12 km south-west of Chojnice, boasts a former Bernardine monastery. The narrow grey church built in 1766 is graced by a pilastered tower crowned with a Baroque cupola. The main reason for visiting Człuchów (15,000 people), on the western edge of the Tuchola Forest, is the striking ruins of a Teutonic