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szczytnicki park

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    during the war and rebuilt in 1950s. Some of its original and finest chapels are Prince-Electors', St. Elisabeth's and Blessed Sacrament's. During your visit to Wroclaw it is worth visiting "less historical" places such as Japanese Garden which is part of Szczytnicki Park. Original lay of the land

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    People's Hall. It was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage object in 2006 and has been in the register of historical monuments since 1962. In 1977 the whole architectural complex was added to the register, consisting of Four Domes Pavilion, Pergola and Spire. The Hall was built in Szczytnicki Park between

  • Wrocław: If you have more time...

    Centennial Hall and Szczytnicki Park, in the building which is a part of Four Domes Pavilion. It has been there since it was started in 1954. Originally it had two filming studios, the bigger one of 1000m2 was put to use in 1975. There are also two sound studios, a montage studio and the construction of