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solny square

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    . On different routes there are different prices, children up to 5 - free of charge. Reservations can be made by calling +48 509 274141 or on the website Route 1 (around Old City): Salt Square (Solny Square), Garrison Church, Market Square, University, Market Hall, New Market (Nowy Targ), St

  • Walk in Wrocław: Market Square and Świdnicka Street

    meeting point and the centre of artistic events. Solny Square (Salt Square) This medieval market square was created in 1242 when after the Mongolian Deluge the city was re-located. It was slightly bigger than today, it dimensions were 84,5m long and 94m wide. During the ages it had different names: Polish

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    century. Two little houses in the north-west corner cannot be missed - they used to belong to the altarists taking care of the altar in St. Elisabeth's Church. At present they are linked with an arcade gate and are playfully called Hansel and Gretel. Solny Square This medieval market square was created in