second world war

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second world war

  • Walk in Warsaw: City Center

    was later destroyed by the nazis. After its reconstruction the monument was placed outside the present President's Palace. During the second world war a giant 5m high letter 'V' was placed in the square to symbolise the power of the Wehrmacht. It was quickly burnt down, though, in an act of sabotage. In the

  • Warsaw: If you have more time...

    serious damage to the church and the church was renovated in 1873. The second world war brought further bad fortune and the building was completely destroyed in 1944. After the war, the rebuilding work went on from 1948-1952. Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw The construction of the Temple of Divine

  • Walk in Warsaw: Royal Route

    Saint Joseph chosen by Mary Immaculate Mother of God?, but more normally is known as the Visitationist Church. This is one of the oldest buildings in the Old Town and was almost untouched in the devastation of the second world war. The history of the church coincides with the Visitationist Order coming