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Don't you grasp what they are talking about here in Poland? This quick manual will help you understand.

A2 motorway issue

The opening of the A2 motorway - that's the news which has been expected in Warsaw for ages. A2 connects Polish capital city with German's one. The main road is already completed but there are still some details that have to be finished in nearest future. We were almost sure that the builders wouldn't be able to finish it before Euro 2012 and we were worried that getting to Warsaw will be quite challenging for foreign drivers. But it turned out that we were too pessimistic this time. If you look through Polish newspapers and websites from last days you'll find many feature articles about opening the A2 motorway. It's top news, because the lack of modern and safe roads was our main state disadvantage for years. Nowadays due to opening the A2 motorway the problem has disappeared.

The construction of underground

The second line of the underground in construction - if you come to Warsaw and wonder why the city centre looks like a huge construction site, you should know that it's all because of the second line of the underground which has been under construction for about a year now. Although citizens badly need the second route, they're on the verge of loosing their patience - a few central roads are closed and the movement of vehicles in the centre is highly limited so everywhere else there're heavy traffic snarl-ups during rush hours. The best thing we can do now is to choose the public transport, cycle or walk on foot. Even if it's sometimes inconvenient and takes more time we try not to complain too much. Most of us understand that the second line will improve the standard of living in Warsaw and finally connect the left and right bank of the river Wisła.

Demonstrations of "Solidarni 2010" association

Every 10-th day of each month members of this associations as well as the voters of political party PiS (The Law and Justice - the main opposition party in Poland) gather at Krakowskie Przedmieście street in Warsaw to commemorate Polish president Lech Kaczyński and 95 other people who died in a plane crash in Smoleńsk on April 10th 2010. Some of the protesters claim that it wasn't an accident but political assassination about which you can hear and read from protesters' posters during demonstrations. They often bring Catholic crosses, sing religious songs and sometimes bring torches with themselves. The nearest protest of Solidarni 2010 is expected on Sunday.

Top features from Polish Internet and pop art

Every country has its own charts of the most watched You Tube videos, which usually differ from each other. Nevertheless web users have something in common - they prefer senseless, irrational and ludicrous jokes. Do you remember, for example, the UK's list from the previous year with a video about a dog with human voice revealing joys of eating steak? Why was it actually funny?

The same question can be asked about Polish charts and our favourite funny vids. Koko Euro Spoko - the official song of Polish football team for Euro2012 chosen by TV and radio audience. This is a hit from repertoire of the folk group Jarzębina (The Rowan) whose members are eight elderly women from a small village in eastern Poland. It was a total surprise for everyone when the audience decided that Jarzębina should be the group that is going to sing for our football players before kick-off. The surprise was so big not only because the song was very modest but also because Jarzębina, unknown band, defeated famous pop stars. As it often occurs in our country, the national debate has begun. Poles have divided into fans and opponents of the Koko Euro Spoko anthem. Those who dislike it claim that the song seems to be trashy while the enthusiasts are convinced that it's very Polish, frank and melodious. Jarzębina group has inspired Internet users as well - they've remixed the song with the international hit Somebody that I used to know so that everyone can listen to Gotye's music with Koko Euro Spoko lyrics.

Meat hedgehog (Polish: Mięsny jeż) - scene from Polish semi-documentary TV series Pamiętniki z wakacji (Holiday Travel Diaries). We watch how a young woman Beatka treats her future parents-in-law with various range of cold meats, which she calls The Meat Hedgehog. Although the dish is greasy and unappetizing, Beatka's fiancé Henio says that this is his favourite meal, served only on special occasions. He reveals that whenever they treat their guests with The Meat Hedgehog they amuse themselves with singing their own-created song which goes: "You will eat, you will eat the meat hedgehog, the meat hedgehog". Polish Internet users love absurd and senseless jokes and that's the reason why The Meat Hedgehog is considered to be funny. If you want to compare your sense of humour with Polish users' humor, find the scene on the Internet by typing the phrase The Meat Hedgehog or Mięsny Jeż in search engine. And then, every time you will try to chat with Polish youngsters you can start with this You Tube hit.

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