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...with nintendo

Retro Hostel, Ulica Kwiatowa 2

Poznań is the city where BalconyTV, musical internet television, broadcasts from. The recordings of performances played by balcony musicians in various parts of the city make it onto the network. A couple of them performed on a balcony of the Retro Hostel, located on the top floor of a tenement called Villa Kwiatowa. On the ground floor there is the Kresowa restaurant, which in bourgeois interiors serves dumplings and "cepeliny" (a traditional dish of meat wrapped in a potato dough). Hostel guests get a discount in the restaurant. When they are neither hungry nor willing to walk around the city, they can play Super Mario, for the hostel is equipped with Nintendo.

... in the opera

Melody Hostel, Stary Rynek 67, entrance on Ulica Kozia

The reception desk is in a shape of a grand piano. "To call the receptionist ring the triangle!" - informs a note hanging inside. Instead of paintings, on the walls of the Melody Hostel there are guitars and old vinyl records. There is a DVD player hidden inside an old radio receiver. If you want to check something on the internet you have to sit at the electronic organs which are used as computer stands. Each room is arranged along a different musical theme. The largest, the four bed Classical (hired as a twin as well) is decorated with staves and an effigy of Mozart. Room number one is opera, in number five you'll find pictures of Madonna and Michael Jackson, and the Reggae dormitory overlooks the Stary Rynek (the Old Market). The Melody is popular with musicians - sometimes whole orchestras turn up. In such situations the staff direct them to the Cameleon on Ulica Świętosławska 12 (each room painted in a different colour, according to the owner's whim) or to Frolic Goats at Ulica Wrocławska 16/6 (in a historic tenement house next to a brewery).

...on highs

Fusion Hostel, Ulica Św. Marcin 66/72, Alfa towers, with entrance nearest to Ulica Gwarna.

The Alfa department stores were built on Święty Marcin in the late 60s, early 70s (when they were named after the Red Army) replacing tenements destroyed during The Second World War. It was supposed to become Poznań's downtown area. How did it turn out? Well, you can see from the street, but if you'd like to see inside, spend some time in the Fusion hostel. It doesn't have its own car park but it does rent bicycles. Before going to bed you can cast your eye over the city's panorama. Then, later, the Ratusz (the City Hall) or Okrąglak may appear in your dreams.

... by a short cut

Very Berry Hostel, Aleja Marcinkowskiego 11

One side overlooks Plac Wolności, the other - the roofs of the old town tenements. Verry Berry is located on the fourth floor of a block of flats which have been transformed into an office block. The private car park is its main asset, for this is very rare in the centre of the city. Behind the car park you'll find an architectural treasure: monumental sandstone and granite steps leading to the neighbouring courtyard. This belongs to the tenement on Ulica Kozia, close to the Stary Rynek. The newly renovated steps used to be a favourite place for local tramps. For this reason, the gate on Aleja Marcinkowskiego is closed each night (in summer at 9 p.m., in winter at 6 p.m.). Outside those hours, hostel residents (and others) can use this secret passage leading to the Stary Rynek.

...above a cinema

Melange Hostel, Ulica Rybaki 6a

The hostel is located on the first floor of a tenement. Its guests praise it for its homely atmosphere. In the hostel lounge, Moby, a Bavarian Bloodhound, sleeps - but the only thing he bites is his food. No one minds if you bring your own dog with you. The biggest attraction of the Melange, though, is its neighbour, Malta Cinema. The cinema is famous for its regular showings of legendary films which can't be seen in any of the common multiplexes. Ulica Rybaki is the Malta Cinema's new location, after it moved from Śródka area. There are two movie theatres on the ground floor - seating 20 and 50 people.

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