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old market square

  • Walk in Cracow [1 DAY TOUR]

    , where Coffeheaven and Friends Coffee are already opened. A coffee and a stack of morning papers are a good match. Noon Old Market Square is at its nicest. Contributing to this unique atmosphere, every hour on the hour the hejnał tune trickles down lazily from the tower of St. Mary's Church. On any

  • Walk in Poznań: Market Sqaure and around

    Old Market Square It is square-shaped and each side is 140m long. A net of intersecting perpendicular streets leads there. The Market Square period houses were reconstructed after World War II in Renaissance and Baroque styles. The main Market Square building is Renaissance City Hall. When its

  • Explore Poznań - walks and tours

    Tours and strolls Route 1 (Old Market Square): City Hall (at midday absolutely to see the clock striking 12 o'clock and two metal goats butting heads), Clearing Forests Men's Houses (Domki Budnicze), fountains, whipping post, Bamberg Girl fountain, St. John of Nepomuk figure and Guardroom. Route 2

  • Poznań - practical information

    pleasantly. On Old Market Square we recommend Bordo Bistro (28 Żydowska Str.), you can eat inside or in the pavement café. If you like salad, you must go to Zielona Weranda, there are two of such restaurants in Poznan: one at 10 Świętosławska Str. and another at 7 Paderewskiego Str. If you get hungry while

  • Tourist routes in Poznań: Fortress and memorials

    stronghold. The Poznan forts were built according to standard projects by general von Biehler, prepared for Strassburg fortress in 1870s. The ring of forts had a radius of 4-5 km away from the City Hall on the Old Market Square. Two similar types of forts were built around Poznan. Type 1 with a wider middle

  • Tourist routes in Poznań: Churches and cathedrals

    renovation in 1990s fragments of the medieval inner wall of Poznan's fortification were discovered. St. Anthony of Padua Church This is situated on the slope of Przemysł Hill, west of the Old Market Square. The Franciscans arrived in Poznan in the first half of the 17th century. In 1668 they got permission