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malta lake

  • Explore Poznań - what to see

    What's worth seeing in Poznań Malta Lake It is an artificial water body created by banking up the waters of Cybina river (Warta River's tributary). There is a variety of attractions waiting: Maltanka Narrow Gauge Railway

  • Poznań - practical information

    - Saturday 10am - 10pm, Sunday 10am - 8pm. Besides, there are many souvenir shops, like in any other city centre. City for children A visit to Malta Lake will satisfy our children's all needs. You can take a ride on Maltanka narrow-gauge train. During the

  • Poznań: Hungry? Read this!

    ;Wyborowa!" ("Excellent!") The vodka acquired this name and, in 1927, became the first brand named alcoholic drink in the world. Wyborowa vodka, also internationally popular, is still produced in Poznań (near Malta Lake, just behind the Maltanka railway station). By

  • Poznań: Imagine you're not in the city

    them, all you need are ordinary swimming trunks, a towel and some neoprene socks (your feet freeze fastest). The other lakes, Malta and Rusałka are closer to the centre of the city. You can reach Malta Lake easily, approaching it from the side of cathedral for instance. If you don't want to swim