kashubian lake district

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kashubian lake district

  • The best in Poland: Kashubian Lake District

    Wdzydze Kiszewskie Seen from above, the huge Lake Wdzydze looks like an enormous cross. At the place where its arms meet, the ancient village of Wdzydze Kiszewskie lies on the northern shore. The lake is dotted with eight islands, the largest of which - Ostrów - has an area of 75 hectares. In

  • National Parks in Poland: Tuchola Forest [GUIDE]

    Towns and villages Situated in the southern part of the region, Koronowo is a lovely town of ten thousand along the River Brda. The main square is small but handsome, with a cluster of neoclassical and Art Nouveau houses dominated by a rather modest neoclassical town hall on the west side. Climb the