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capital of poland

  • Euro 2012. What to see in Warsaw

    Pictures of Warsaw - panoramas and monuments Best of Warsaw - Old Town monuments Warsaw Old Town - take a stroll down amazing streets and alleys Warsaw center attractions Royal Route in Warsaw - visit the most beautiful monuments Warsaw sightseeing - see the venues around center Warsaw attractions.

  • Warsaw: If you have more time...

    Citadel The Citadel was built after the November 1830 uprising by Tsar Nicholas 1 in order to aid his control over the city and as a place where the potential independence and revolutionary moods of Varsovians could be suppressed. Today, historians are sure that the Russians never had defence in

  • Tourist routes in Warsaw: Second World War monuments

    Warsaw Uprising Monument This monument was unveiled on 1 st August 1989 on the 45 th anniversary of the start of the Uprising. It can be found on the east side of Krasińskich Square, near the place where the Warsaw resistance evacuated from the Old Town to the city centre using the sewers. There are

  • Cities in Poland: Warsaw

    Some facts The capital of Poland is a large city of about 1,600,000 people, with over 2,000,000 living in the Greater Warsaw area. It is located in central Poland on the River Vistula, near its confluence with the River Bug. The city stretches 29 km from west to east and 27 km from north to south

  • Poznań: important places

    billygoat is the mascot of Lech Poznań football club and the Billygoats is the name of Poznań's American football team. Gniezno was the first capital of Poland - this is what children learn at school. Is that certain? The age of the first Piasts is inseparably associated with Wielkopolska - here was the

  • Walk in Warsaw: Royal Route

    anniversary of Warsaw becoming the capital of Poland in the 1990s. The road was narrowed, and car access was limited and the widened pavements started to be taken over by the gardens of the luxurious cafes. At the weekend New World Street is a joy for some and a pain for others - it becomes a pedestrian