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  • Walk in Cracow: Market Square and Wawel Castle

    Barbican The most valuable monument of medieval Krakow, the Barbican is also known as the 'Pan' (Rondel, in Polish), and is one of the last few surviving works of the eminent European military architecture of this type. It is located between ul. Basztowa and the Florian Gate and was built in Gothic

  • Explore Cracow - walks and tours

    Tours Krakow can be visited by horse-drawn carriage (carriages stop in the Main Market), horse-drawn omnibus (stops at the Barbican at the mouth of ul. Floriańska - 10.00 daily from May to October) or by electric golf buggy (e-mail:, Reservations and information

  • Explore Warsaw - walks and tours

    . Przyrynek. Then, walking along ul. Freta, we get to the Barbican, from which we go along ul. Nowomiejska to the Old Town Square. We then take ul. Świętojańska, passing St John's Cathedral on our left and get to Castle Square and Zygmunt's Column. Heading south we go along Krakowskie Przedmieście in the

  • Old Warsaw: Around Royal Castle [MONUMENTS]

    restoration and reconstruction work done in the 1930s and after World War II. The first defences were built around 1300. The last addition was the Barbican. Along Podwale, as far as the beginning of ul. Piekarska, a well-preserved stretch of the outer wall can be seen, probably dating from the 14th century

  • Warsaw: If you have more time...

    . Barbican and City Walls Dating back to 1548, the defensive fortifications were built according to a design by the architect Jan Baptist the Venetian. Unfortunately, though, right from the beginning, it didn't fulfil its defensive function due to the development of artillery. Only once did it take part in a

  • Białystok, czyli podlaski Wersal. Śladami hetmana Branickiego

    nowoczesny charakter. *** Wiadukt prowadzi z peronów prosto na ulicę św. Rocha. Poza pawilonami handlowymi i kinem Syrena w dawnym budynku Misji Barbikańskiej (Barbican Mission to the Jews, przed II wojną światową nawracała Żydów na anglikanizm), nie ma tu nic ciekawego. Jednak u jej wylotu, na morenowym

  • To koniecznie należy zobaczyć!

    :// Londyn Kulturalne życie Londynu płynie równie szerokim nurtem jak Tamiza. Strażnikiem angielskiej tradycji jest The Globe - zrekonstruowany słynny teatr Szekspira. A symbolem nowoczesności Barbican Center z salami wystawowymi, koncertowymi, teatralnymi, kinowymi, restauracjami. British

  • Must see in Cracow: TOP 10 Museums

    the collections, the museum now uses nine historic buildings, including such symbols of the city as the Town Hall tower and the Barbican. The Museum collects objects of material culture, political and economic history, art and the traditions and customs of the inhabitants of Krakow from the earliest

  • Wrocław: If you have more time...

    one but it was later rebuilt, the front yard was enlarged, a new tower was added and a barbican was built at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries which later was replaced by a bastion.During further alteration the gate tower got a semicircular shape with cannon posts on the top and a ravelin. But sadlt

  • Gdańsk: If you have more time...

    The Torture House and Prison Tower - initially it did not fulfil these functions. It was constructed on ul. Długa in the second half of the fourteenth century as a medieval fortification of the City of Gdańsk. The two parts are connected by a so-called neck at the Gateway to form the Barbican and

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